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Theoretical Computer Science

Compiled by

Noson S. Yanofsky

Brooklyn College


General Theoretical Computer Science

·         On-line Courses: Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science, Mathematics for Computer Science, Automata, Computability, and Complexity, Topics in Theoretical Computer Science : Internet Research Problems

·         Web Pages: Internet Resources for Computer and Information Sciences, Theory of Computing Blog Aggregator, Scott Aaronson, Lance Fortnow, Formal Language Simulator, Open Problem Garden

·         Papers: Alan Turing (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy), The Philosophy of Computer Science (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy), Self-Reference (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy), An introduction to finite automata and their connection to logic, 


Computability Theory

·         On-line Courses: Theory of Computation (MIT,Sipser)

·         Web Pages: Lawrence S. Moss' Introduction to Computability Theory

·         Papers: Computability and Complexity (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy), Turing Machines (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Computational Complexity Theory

·         On-line Courses: Advanced Complexity Theory (MIT, Spielman),

·         Web Pages: Shtetl-Optimized, Complexity Zoo, Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP

·         Papers: PvsNP, PvsNP(Cook), A Short History of Computational Complexity, A catalog of complexity classes, Complexity Classes, Descriptive Complexity,  


Analysis of Algorithms

·         On-line Courses: Introduction to Algorithms, Advanced Algorithms, Topics in Theoretical Computer Science: An Algorithmist's Toolkit(MIT, Kelner)

·         Web Pages: Newest Questions - Stack Exchange


Quantum Computing

·         On-line Courses: Quantum Computation, Quantum Information Science(MIT,Chuang&Shor) Quantum Computation (Vazirani), Modern Physics: Quantum Mechanics (Stanford, Susskind), New Revolutions in Particle Physics (Stanford, Susskind), Quantum Entanglements (Stanford, Susskind)

·         Papers: Arxiv (All major current papers can be found here.), Physics, Topology, Logic and Computation: A Rosetta Stone, Quantum Computing for High School Students, Yanofsky, Quantum Computation explained to my Mother, Kindergarten Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Computation (Aharonov), Quantum Computing (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy), Preskill's Notes

·         Web Pages: Quantum Courses, Quantum Meetings, Qwiki